Mutekiou Tri-Zenon (TV) (Sub) Best Anime

Mutekiou Tri-Zenon (TV) (Sub) Best Anime

Large-scale emigrant fleet Zenopares came from 10.8 light-year remote star to the earth. They were invader who tried to drive out the earthian from the earth, and make the earth their hometown. On the other hand, there were some objects which had been fired into the earth from the different star about 300 years ago. They were three space battleships and three combat robots. They were the one which had been sent to oppose Zenopares which would invade the earth before long. Three battleships and robots implanted the gene to a clan surrounding them, and disappeared into the earth.In 2000`s, Zenopares reaches the earth at last. Usual arms were ineffectual, and the human race was trampled underfoot. However, at that time, the clan who succeeded to battleships and robots 300 years ago woke up in each Japanese place!

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