Shadowverse Flame

Several years after an incident that plunged the world into chaos, the world is once again at peace. Shadowverse has become even more popular, and the Shadowverse Battle Academy, or Shadoba Academy, had been established to train people into professional players.Tenryuu Light, an eighth-grader, is by changed asked by Zelga Wolfram, the founder of Shadoba Academy, to transfer to his academy. Light, a complete Shadowverse novice, decides to join a "Shadoba Club" due to his best friend that wanted him to, Makabe Subaru. Shadoba Clubs are clubs composed of students who are serious about Shadowverse, and there are seven of them. Light, by chance, decides to join one of them, "Seventh Flame". However, Seventh Flame has only one member and is in danger of being discontinued! In order to keep the club alive, Light, along with Mitsutagawa Itsuki, the head of Seventh Flame, and Makabe Subaru, decide to look for new members. But there`s a suspicious person hiding in the shadows: Hazeura Haruma, the head of the Shadoba club "First Reaper"…

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